Mobile Testing


  1. Mobile Origin and Mobile today.
  2. Mobile Platforms.
  1. What is Mobile Application and its uses.
  2. Difference between Mobile Application testing and Mobile Testing.
  3. What is Android and its Architecture.
  4. Scope of learning Mobile Application Testing and its market.
  1. Types of mobile apps – Native, hybrid, web mobile apps.
  2. Multiple Device/Platform.
  3. Challenges in Mobile Application Testing.
  4. Mobile SDLC/ Methodologies.
  5. Functional and Non-functional testing introduction.
  6. What is an .apk and how to Install, uninstall testing.
  7. Types of Mobile Application Testing
    1. UI Testing
    2. Functional Testing
    3. Regression Testing
    4. Interruption Testing
    5. Installation/ Upgrade Testing
    6. Compatibility Testing
    7. Network Testing
    8. Field Testing
    9. Usability Testing
    10. Localization Testing
    11. Performance Testing
  1. Install and configure emulator.
  2. ADB commands.
  3. Test Case Design and writing of Mobile Applications.
  4. Real time testing on a device (based upon the application).
  5. Logging defect in Defect tracking tool.
  6. Session regarding real time project experience.
  7. Mock Interviews

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